Body Shaming

The human race ought to be able to put their opinion across without offending somebody else's very existence. Having said that, body shaming has gone to such an extent that victims, especially women, live and die by SOCIETY'S opinion, seeing everything through SOCIETY'S broken looking glass.

Women have learnt to value their self worth based on somebody else's physical ideal. And those who stand up for their rights are ridiculed into silence. Why do we feel entitled to somebody else's body or appearance? How the hell does it affect us?!

It is so easy to feel traumatized by what somebody else says, even in passing. It is so easy to sink into that abyss and feel like you'll never get out of it. It's not about a picture that one posted on social media. It's about the age old need to have control over a woman's body. AND BODY SHAMING IS REAL.

The "perfect body" type has differed over time. The Victorians emphasized curves, while the Egyptians valued small petite figures. Ancient Greece desired large, plump bodies. "SOCIETY'S IDEAL" has effectively turned the human race into a bunch of mannequins, worthy only if they meet the "ideal".

To the ones who feel the need to satisfy society: STOP. Look around yourself. Understand that we are different for a reason. If the human race were meant to be 7.7 billion exact bronze statues, then things would have been shaped that way; but we aren’t. This conditioned way of thinking is one of the biggest battles we need to fight today.

To all the women AND men out there, your body is yours, and NOBODY ELSE is entitled to it.
Obesity or anorexia are diseases, and if that is the case, then take necessary precautions. But otherwise, NOBODY has the right to tell you how you should look.

Aiming to be a whisper in the howling world.