For the Soul Trapped in Despair


—Though I know it's the last thing you'd want to hear me say;—
”All things are difficult before they are easy”*
There's always going to be another mountain,
And you, will always want to make it move
Some mountains, however, are to be climbed not moved,

As you make your way up, you spot numerous rocks
On which you can sit, lie and take a breather
Had you decided to push it, the rocks would have been displaced - perhaps
And descended on you,
Crushing your seemingly weary body and soul

Keep wiping the sweat off the brow,
Pant if you have to,
If today a metre seems like 1000 miles,
And all you want to do is not go further up.
But I need you to not give up.

Get up one, two, three days later,
You get to decide,
Make a bold step
A step up - that mountain - is a sign of hope that you're getting to the top
Keeping in mind that it's the simple actions that will produce the marvelous
in the end,
you'll thank yourself for not giving up

The best view comes after the toughest climb.

*Thomas Fuller

A passionate writer, a lover of life. I am all about doing my part and leaving my mark.