A Letter To You

My Dearest Love,

If I were an ocean I would drown you tonight,

so that you’ll be completely surrounded by my love

and comforted by the peace within the


I thought about what I should write (to you) but I honestly have no idea (what to tell you). My words feel empty even though I’m trying my best to fill them with meaning.

[for your hurt]

I know at this point words don’t help because they can’t change anything but right now they’re all I have. So I’m writing to you in the hope that my words will take your pain away, and if it can’t, I hope it at least makes you forget – for a brief moment in time.

[for your grief]

It’s something we all have in common. It connects us, all of us. Because our lives aren’t our own. We’re all ripples constantly intertwining. So your loss is not just yours, my love. We’re all mourning the loss of someone or something, yet mourning looks different on all of us. You see, time doesn’t stop for any of it. It just keeps going. The world doesn’t stop to mourn with us, and I think that’s the hardest part. We’re all mourning and rejoicing at the same time, yet there’s such beauty in the misery because it reminds us to not take life for granted. It forces us to look life in the eye and decide whether we’ve been living or merely surviving. Because what if today was your last day?

[for your future]

So take this hurt and make it count. Let it be the force that drives you to your next victory.

Make a choice.

Choose life.

Choose love.

Choose yourself.

Take that ball and become a coach, don’t settle for mediocrity because you, my love, were made for so much more than this. You were designed to live a victorious life filled with joyous celebrations and abundant pleasures.

Hurt is inevitable in this life, but what you do with it is completely up to you.

Forever somewhat yours,


An almost 21-year old South African in love with life, stories, travelling and Jesus. I'm on a journey of self-discovery as I participate in this adventure we call life. I hope you'll join me.