Betrayal: A Choice Or A Perforated Denial

Betrayal: A Choice Or A Perforated Denial

Nowadays, relationships are random. Social media has undoubtedly kept a pivotal role to make it easy to connect with the desired person. Just a click away, and people are too busy to give a look towards the person to whom they offer their proposals. Relationships are fast & ready-made.

But, have we ever thought for once, what is the reason behind the continuous declination of the time span?
Why do people change their minds and priorities in no time? Maybe, in this era of modernization, emotions have lost their charm, and exist as a word only. No one has time to scrutinize their bonds and give enough time to their beloveds. Whenever you tie the knot of your heart with a person & continue it, your heart slips down seeing the outer charm of another.

As a result, BETRAYAL has been a trend & people don’t even regret being a trendsetter or hurting others’ feelings. More than a perforated denial, it has caught the flow of a pre-planned idea & is clearly showing the colours of a planned choice.

10 alarming signs that will prove that your partner is cheating on you:

  1. When your phone calls or constant messages get missed or, unseen , or even their phones are engaged over [a long} time.

  2. When they start giving excuses for their irresponsibility.

  3. When they get irritated & burst out in anger just the moment you complain about their inattentiveness.

  4. When they pay a heedless ear to your problems or difficulties.

  5. When they spend their most of the times outside the home.

  6. When you’re intentionally being made to feel that you are not being prioritized in his life anymore.

  7. When they catch your smaller to smallest faults every time or judge your looks in a regular basis.

  8. When their nature seem to be more ambivalent or, hideous than their previous extrovertness, it’s a sign they are slowly giving up.

  9. When your presence [leads to them being} easily fed or they often talk about ending the relationship more or less.

  10. When misunderstandings, constant arguments or fights make your life a hell.

Betrayal can hit you from many sides, even if it’s not properly guessed how you’ll be betrayed. With the passage of time, people change & their minds too. Be cautious with the peculiar changes of your beloved & be careful about their smallest needs.

It’s natural to be broken or sad by the sudden misbehaviour of your partner but still it’s better to prepare you mind if such happens in your life rather than dwelling in stress or making it harder to survive.

Hailing from a small city named Malda, West Bengal (India), Suchismita dreams high to touch the sky keeping her feet to the ground. Her schooling was completed from Barlow Girls’ High School, a reputed school in Malda & she is now pursuing her final year in Zoology from University Of Gour Banga. She has always been a curious soul from childhood & observes things intensely.

She loves to read and this has left an impact by leading her to write on her own. She's been writing for four years & loves to write poetry, short story, articles & anything inspires her. She enhances her writing skill by feeling each & every incident through her heart. She has been a published co-author of more than 70 anthologies, with more in process of publication. She has co-authored anthologies such as “SHE WILL SPEAK SERIES”, an anthology based on gender based violence & has been published for “Genre:Urban Arts Issue 7”. Her debut poetry book will soon be launched. She has been compiling & editing her first anthology named “The Unspoken Tales Of A Hero”. Suchismita loves travelling & gaining knowledge. She is keen to photo-shoots, is a freelance model & loves acting in theatres. She aspires to be a good author as well as a book reviewer in near future.