Sliding By The Hourglass

Moving down the hourglass
Brushing aside the swollen past
You seek and seek through the slipping sand
Covering up the bruised hand
Just moving down the hourglass

Heeding those swiped moments
You see through the immature you
The one caring about nothing new
Sewing up the dreams strip by strip
Building up the strength holding the grip
Breaking the illusion again moved down the hourglass
Resenting what I exist as today...
Rotting dreams and broken sounds or say
These are not the paths the younger you paved
None of leisure satisfies the hunger I craved
The forever laughter
Never ending imaginations
Those little hopes
Dreaming over mere raindrops
Which is not what I see
The mirrored me ...isn't me
Want to grab the innocence once again
Carrying the smiles barring the nonchalants
Breaking the chains
Reversing the vains ...
Just wanted to move to end of the hourglass....

Naive writer. Love to get indulged in the mirage of words... Would like to explore more.