Descending from the sky like pellucid pearls,
Having the freedom to fall anywhere like the tendrils have for twirls
With a swift dispatch rider you often come,
Demonstrating to me that even small ones have the power to obscure the sun.
Sprinkling down on the emotionless crust you introduce the two separated friends,
Indoctrinating me that with a try, determination and conviction even a broken dream mends.

Refracting together you form a polychrome
Edifying me that not bars but kinfolks make a home
Leaving a petrichor behind these raindrops give a hint,
Enlightening me that a good deed always leave a footprint.
Not just a Pluviophile but these raindrops make you so much more,
All you have to do is to come out and assimilate it's impelling roar.