Did I Imagine?

I sit here alone in my crowded home. My dog by my side. Tears fighting to leave my eyes.

Is it wrong what I feel? Am I pathetic? Should I have moved on?... Or better yet... realised that I haven't moved on?

Is it that unheard of that 5 months later, I am still waiting for that one sign... that one word... that I meant something to you, as much as you did to me?

They say I was one of many, but was I insane to think that I was at least worth your while?

Did I imagine your eyes crinkling when I did something you liked, did I imagine you brushing my hair out of my face while I pretended to be asleep, did I imagine those warnings signs I so blissfully ignored while they screamed at me, did I imagine you telling me that you'd be here for me always... even if it was as a friend?

Boy did you imagine that I'd never figure you out!

If only I'd imagined you as a stranger whose moves I'd come to know like the back of my hand.

Just trying to tread past the obstacle that is life.