I Wanna Be Heard - With The Help Of My Sentences

I Wanna Be Heard - With The Help Of My Sentences

I'm just a teen girl from Turkey who wants to be a writer. My name isn't Luna but I'm a little bit coward to expose my real name. Whatever, I'm just gonna write what I wanna say.

I’ve adored writing since I learnt how to read and write. My first story was about a sheep who wants to be real human being. Thanks to my primary school teacher, I continued writing. She was very supportive and she courage me to write. Years passed and I started middle school. Again, my teachers were very supportive and they always flattered me. İn four years during my middle school, I joined so many composition competitions but I couldn't win any of them.

Competitions were passing and I never got a chance to win them. I was getting so upset and I started to think "If I can't win even a single competition, is there any talent in me?"

After questioning my talent, I took a break from writing and decided to never attend a competition. It was the stupidest thing to do. Life can get harder sometimes but the key to success is the ability to trust yourself and walk through the difficulties. I finally get that and I'm glad.

Told you that I couldn't win any competitions. I got curious and read some writings of the winners. Some of them were very good and worth winning, but some of them were [pure] verbosity. I mean, the important thing in writing is the ability of tell a lot with less words. The people who chose the winners are the politicians and human beings that don't ‘know nothing’, just like Jon Snow.

I remember the words of my Art teacher when I was in primary school. He was the jury in one of the art competitions - I can't do art or paint. He said that there were 5-6 persons with him on the jury and they didn't care about the message in art. They were saying "Oh, it looks like cotton candy. I can say it's a child's art. I love the colours", etc. When my Art teacher showed them some really meaningful paintings they were like "Mehh, it's colourless. I can't say this is a child’s painting or not." And he was so mad at them.

I told that little memory about my Art teacher because that's the thing I really wanna say. People don't care about your damn talent! They care only about themselves and the money they'll get from this business.

It took me years to realize that but I know now. We shouldn't make art or writing or anything for others! It's our thing and we must do it for only for ourselves. I wanna heard and be realized by others but I know that good things take time. I will wait till the day I'll be heard. And if they don't realize or hear me, it's okay. I'm doing my art for myself.

A teen girl from Turkey. Wants to be a writer.