She's Fire

Don't try to control her, for she's fire,
Don't try to under rule her
For she's owning the empire.

Pushing her down to
Always giving her a frown,
You usually forget
That she's owning the crown.

She's strong because
She considers herself to be strong
But she's the one who you call 
The weakling since so long.

She has the ruling fever
For she is the strongest believer.
Let her rule the empire,
Keep calm and see her raging fire.
Just don't let her down
For the fall will be of the crown.

Aditi John, who has just completed her 12th boards with Commerce, handles an Instagram page named @secret_of_shadows which has 6K followers. She started writing not taking it too seriously in Class 9. That was when people started appreciating her write ups and suggested that she submit her work in contests. She has also got an editor's pick in an American novel named Colorism Healing and is now a published poet. Several other books also have her write-ups. She aims to become a banking professional and a recognized writer one day.