Phoenix Reborn

We live in a world where women are one of the powerful: filmmakers, dancers, artists, speakers - every where, in every field, women are thriving.

Since time immemorial, we have seen women grow, we have seen them fight for their rights, their justice, and we will never forget the role of each and every women who has sacrificed and fought for women's equality. It is because of them we are standing in the world where women have the power to challenge the injustice towards them. But in today's world, the real empowerment lies in something else. The word empower brings a story in my mind, a story of a little phoenix.

I live in a country where people do talk about feminism and girl's rights but only in ideas, because they fail to apply their ideas in reality. For them, women are the idol of greatness, the idol of purity, and perfectness. But that's what the problem is! They fail to understand that women are the creation of god, nobody can be perfect. They fail to understand that women are humans too. They gave them the right to have education, right to speak, rights to have freedom but it’s all in vain and virtuality.

The women are happy that they came out of the dark world where they only existed as a inferior hei- giving machine. They are happy that their parents support them, but in the end they always have to [hear], "but you are not a boy, we support you but you will always be a girl, we can't give you freedom like a boy because we are good but the world out their is cruel." We have great speakers, great feminists in our country, [indeed] we have progressed, but are we able to reach in every city, every town, every village, every single home where women do have rights but can't use it?! Still many women out there are a toy which when asked to, nod their head. Still many women have to ask permission for the right to freedom, right to speak.

And in this world I saw a little phoenix rise from ashes, I have seen this little naive, shy birdy growing wings. With dreams so high and a smile so bright I saw something which everyone failed to notice. To them, she was always a shy little coward who always looked at her mother before speaking, always afraid she may offend someone, she grew up keeping her thoughts in her head. But there was something in her heart only I could see. She has seen many ups and downs in her life but that something in her heart always kept her going. Her silence her aloofness was cowardice in the eyes of others. But I know the "silence" is the silence before the storm.

One unfortunate day standing before her father's dead body, the spark inside the little birdy died, she was shaken, she was lost and when everyone thought she was going to break, they spread their arms to hold her, but what everyone saw burned their eyes because the spark may have died that day but she rose from the ashes. She was reborn that day from her own tears, a phoenix so tall her wings shining bright and fiery in the reflection of her father's burning body. She stood before her mother like an armed soldier ready to battle whatever lay ahead of her.

And that's the most empowering and beautiful thing about the women, that every girl, every woman, has the fire to do something in them, the fire to reach the top, the fire inside them, which can melt everything in their way.

An Indian girl with an ambition to become a great writer one day.