Sleeping in The Dungeon of Auschwitz

Sleeping in The Dungeon of Auschwitz

Sleep dawned unto like the bright morning star glooming in the east

What I was expecting from sleep was a few hours to relax

But the dusk by my pillows had altered the plans way before I knew

The very pillows that were stained by my tears felt warmer than usual that night, they were encompassed by the aura of my missing lover

Laced with the tranquility that someone is here lullaby the insomnia away

In the shallow fort of my sleep, my eyes went wide open and I’m bidding my body to move but like always it’s been struck by the lightening of sleep paralysis

My breathing accelerates and I try to decipher the picture that is portrayed by my mind

It’s hard to know where I’m but I know this place, I know this place of ashes very well

This is the living graveyard; I’m trapped at the concentration camp again.

And oh Lord! There is my very own lover bleeding from a gunshot for a millionth time because I keep coming back to this place again and again

I try to move maybe to ease his pain or take away all of it but he keeps bleeding

He keeps bleeding in his white and blue stripped uniform

Even that Star of David stained red with his half Jew blood

And while I’m paving my way to my lover I hear a high pitched scream followed by cries for help

I turn and I see a woman holding the body of her young daughter, struck by a gun shot in the head for ridicule

Her head shaven and bare daughter remains lifeless in her arms, I see the blood pouring out of her head like a fountain of shame

Her mother is blown again and again by the S.S officer to abandon the body

But the mother keeps engulfing the body in the shelter of her arms in the vain hopes that it might resurrect her

But it only gained another gunshot and there lies the mother and the daughter bleeding together proclaiming their tale of eternal love

Love reminded me of my lover, who is still lying on the ground like some seeds implanted in the ground

His eyes still shining brightly and those green irises begging for mercy even after death

I taste the reminisce of déjà vu at the back of my unconscious brain

His evergreen orbs and bounty smile still adorned by his fragile face, like I say the corners of his mouth still delicately high

I hear footsteps approaching and it’s a Nazi officer

He loads the body of lover in a trolley and I’m obliged to follow d

With these very two eyes of mine I see my lover being singed to debris of ash, he gradually turns to ash

I try to search for his captivating green orbs in that damn fire, his ashes drain my numb body

I’m biting to scream or cry or maybe do both but I cannot even move

I’m stuck where I’m with a heart bleeding the tears of sorrow and defeat

My body is struck again by the lightening and I’m free from the spell of sleeping in the dungeon of Auschwitz

Now the insomnia and perpetual tears accompany me for the rest of the night.

A young writer aiming to soar high

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