Late Comers (Part 1)

The disdain and the scoff
When you realize you aren't as special as you'd thought.

You thought only you could do what you thought only you could do.

The arrogance,
You thought only you could do what you thought only you could do the way you could have done it.

I really don't know what to say at this point.
You already hit bottom rock. 'I told you so' would be apt but I would be considered mean.

I am your intuition. I had always tried to tell you that you weren't special.
You were just unique and it wasn't you that made you unique.

Your uniqueness is a bunch of stuff we can categorically term 'life'
Your experiences, backgrounds, abilities, thought process and desires.
And some other things I can't put a name to yet.

You slumbered and you dozed off while on duty.
How could you be so insolent?
Your idea has become a multi-billion dollar business and you're still here.

Someone, not as special, put their hands to the reins
Someone that 'doesn't deserve it' got up and got moving.

What will become of you now?
Now that you have awakened, what is the next step?

I am a young Nigerian who has neither seen the shores of her country nor smelled the air of some country faraway. But I have global thoughts that lead to conversations that people from all over the earth can relate to no matter the colour of their skin or the languages they speak.

I write poems and short articles that stir the messy mud and stagnant water caused by several factors; one of such factors being The Society. I want to stir the average mind to do more with their mindset than just accept all that the world, media, society and culture dumps there because I believe if you can think through, you can break through.

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