Two Sides

They say there are always two sides to the same coin.
There's your opinion, and then there's mine. 

When a girl is touched inappropriately by a man, 
You say it was because of the way she was dressed. 
I say it was because that man's mind was nothing but a mess. 

When she wants to raise her voice and do something about it, 
You tell her to calm down because the situation may worsen.
I say let her raise her voice, maybe the next time he may think twice.

When she's being stared at from head to toe, at stations, bus stops, on streets, and maybe even her own home,
You tell her to cover up and dress appropriately.
I say let her dress the way she wants, 
tell the men to spare her those perverted looks, the statements and the taunts.

When she's harassed by men at 11 pm on a dark street,
You say, what was she doing out at this unearthly hour.
I say, why should she have a deadline just because his intentions were sour?

With everything I've said, you may not abide.
But well, that's just me, Adelle saying, "Hello from the other side".