Along the Way...

Amelie’s quest set her on an impossible journey to find the true meaning of love, self-love and how to compassionately shower love to everyone. This journey is full of feeling, empathy and learnings and incomplete without Steve and Peter. In this journey, she overcame her fear of love as there is no fear in love. It is love which drives out fear. There were many hiccups.

On one side Amelie is trying to understand her connection with Steve which seems to be more than friendship with whom she feels so vulnerable, a soulmate connection felt with no one before and on the other side a relationship she was into with Peter. The relationship with Peter took her into a period of introspection and made her realize that the love she was searching for all her life was always there inside her. It was never outside. We don’t know whose presence will fill Amelie’s life and we have no idea what choices she will make, but this will surely take us on a journey of a love, which will be fearless and set us free and see love and relationship with a different perspective.

An important lesson to learn is to love unconditionally and be selfless. It can never be selfish—if it is then it is not love. This life is too short to hate and be selfish. Spread love and be a giver; we already have many hands to take. We should try to be a giver in life. We are not doing any business with love. We may receive more and in the most unexpected manner when we give love and it can only happen if it is within us.

Please hold on a thought in your mind, I am sure you guys are not thinking that this is yet another love triangle story between Amelie, Steve, and Peter. It will be too narrow to think that words like ‘love and relationship’ are a bond between two people. We can have loving relationships with our community, friends and family or this world. Whatever the loving relationship we hold, everything will be better when the feelings are genuine. It’s not easy as it sounds. It needs to be cultivated. It’s an ongoing process.

Love is the most basic human longing. Unfortunately, in this 24x7 hyper-connected world where apps and technology rules, we look for love in all the wrong places and makes love difficult to nurture it the way it should be. It is love which is left in the end and requires constant care and attention. People come and go in our life, they die but what’s left is love. And in the years, we keep searching for love, we forget self-love because of the barriers we create within ourselves. Self-love is not selfish. It is about esteeming your needs and with the same compassion doing everything for another person. We will be called selfish when we satisfy our ego and when we are trying to change others and disregard them.

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