Winners and Survivors

Just because I don't explain doesn't mean 
I'm lying
I'm plainly hiding 
the truth there's more
to me than a teen.

There are things I'd 
prefer to keep 
with me not because
I want to hide
From you but because
I am stronger than IT
and can live without 
IT bothering any of us
IT doesn't matter
To me but if you know
I'm sure treated 
Like a damsel 
in distress and IT will 
have won in bringing
me sympathy and pity
Things I abhor
I know you care but
Let things be this way
Unknown to all of you
I'm neither as weak as you think nor stupidly
Vain as IT thinks
I know the war 
Will be won
Like this just remember
I'm a winner 
Not a survivor and let no
One else say otherwise.

Abhignya Chalamcharla is the regular engineering student you come across almost daily in your life. She has an interest in writing, poetry, singing and finding herself lost in surroundings. A engineering grad by the day and a singing writer by dusk and having a psychologist, teacher mom & electrical based dad pretty much sums up her general knowledge in everything.

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