What if

What if I don't wake up the next day,
And die with the words I could never say.

What if the decade long struggle of trying to be brave,
Ends with my feelings being taken to the grave.
What if the courage I gained gets lost in a wink,
And I'm left with blank papers and ink.
What if I expected a lot from my life
Which made death stroke me with its sharp knife.
What if confessing wasn't that difficult after all,
But my hesitance did nothing but build walls.
What if these regrets amplify into guilt,
The fact will continue to haunt me even as I wilt.
All these what ifs kill me everyday
While I'm still trying to figure out a way
To shed my inhibitions and embrace love
And outshine the mighty dove.
I don't know when will I have the guts to face
And be victorious in this love maze.

Just another girl with a bunch of words in her hand and multiple thoughts in her head.