Every girl ever

She mourns over

the unfairness

of nature,

the first time

she bleeds.

She ponders on

how she has to

bear the brunt

of the new

version of herself

every month!

Soon she

realises the

beauty of the

ability to give

life to a new

human, the

ability to

create a new

being, the

immense power

the energies of

nature has given,

for she is

fierce enough

for both the

life forces to

grow with her

She learns, she accepts

She grows.

She is proud,

She bleeds!

Abhignya Chalamcharla is the regular engineering student you come across almost daily in your life. She has an interest in writing, poetry, singing and finding herself lost in surroundings. A engineering grad by the day and a singing writer by dusk and having a psychologist, teacher mom & electrical based dad pretty much sums up her general knowledge in everything.

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