A Whole World Under My Feet

A Whole World Under My Feet

When I was a child, all I aspired to do was hang a college degree on my wall, get a sustainable job, and make my parents proud. Well, not only me, probably almost all of us, the 90’s kids, shared a similar outlook towards our future. And while some of us still do, for me, things changed! Not drastically but steadily; slowly, with time! By the time I started getting a hold of life, I no longer aspired to hang that college degree or be stable with a sustainable job. Instead, I looked for wild experiences that challenged me in all forms.

My soul searched for the feeling of accomplishment that comes after a long day hike rewarding me with a remarkable view. My taste buds yearned for that tangy and scrummy delicacy that my mom could never cook. New places, a new journey, and the unfamiliar faces were all my heart asked for. And henceforth, I yearned to familiarize myself with all the unfamiliarities!

Like any other girl, travelling was never my thing until a sudden push to have a whole new experience drove me to the places I had never been before. A small initiation from visiting nearby areas to reaching the north-western part of Nepal changed my outlook towards life and how I wanted to live it. As a matter of fact, visiting new places fueled my soul in such a way that I enjoyed every second of every hour of my everyday life.

Unlike my childhood expectations, I was less worried about excelling in my job and more curious about the place I would soak up in the coming days. Even though getting to a whole new place sounds exciting and fun-filled, it is never as easy as it seems. You need to muster up a lot of courage to hit the road off to the lesser-known destination. And then, there I was gathering up everything I have heading towards something I hardly recognized. But the journey along the way made me realize what life can offer if you are ready to accept it. Like it's said, “it's not always about the destination but the journey along the way!”

Well, very different from what I had imagined as a child, life presented me with opportunities that I would have easily denied if not for that spark within me, driving me to strive for new experiences. With every new encounter or a new adventure, the spark turned into a flame, and that flame lit my soul on fire. The fire felt eternal, burning all the expectations of past turning it into ashes. For once, looking back seemed unimaginable, but like a phoenix, I was born anew from the ashes. And this newest form of me felt not only whole but also felt right. Then, there I was garnering all sorts of experiences with a future full of new dreams and a whole world under my feet!

If the world was blind, how many people would you impress?