Society is pressuring me

Society is pressuring me

I wish I were still a child, well maybe I am. But the society is pressuring me. I don't know what to do. It is all too much to bear, all these stupid rules and superstitions that people claim exist in Islam. Why are people too blind to see what real Islam is? People believe in weird stuff that they say are in Islam, but in reality, they're wrong [they are not in Islam]!

One part of the society thinks and says women have freedom, but they don't realize that there's still another part that doesn't give enough freedom to women. This other part thinks freedom means goings to school and getting educated. But that isn't real freedom, freedom is when we are allowed to express our thoughts freely, when we don't have to live in fear or fear what other people think, when we can be ourselves, that's real freedom.

If a girl does some small mistake, everybody blames her. But if a boy does an even bigger mistake, nobody blames him. Even if a boy and girl both are involved, the girl gets all the blame - why is it so? Aren't girls humans too? Don't we have feelings?

If we question all this, then the society blames her parents, and yeah, the blame goes back to the girl itself. Why don't people realise that they've also come through this stage? And when we ask them this, they say "we weren't like this". It's just not fair. We girls don't have freedom in our own homes! We have have to cover our hair in front of WOMEN! I don't remember seeing any text in the Qur'an or hearing anything like that because the last time I checked, it was in front of the non-mahram men we had to cover.

Nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes, but people think girls are some super-humans that shouldn't make mistakes!

(All of these things do exist in my native place, which is Adirampattinam, and being a girl in the Adirai society is really hard)

I'm a 14 year old, from India.