Originality: 'Be you & do you always'

Originality: 'Be you & do you always'

I understand that we're all created by one and the same God, but this doesn't mean we're all the same.

As l was growing up, there was a time l started noticing and realizing that everyone has their own way of doing things. This includes the way we value our maker [God], the way we value our selves as humans, the way we see things as well as the way we talk.

So after observing all that, l started telling myself that "it doesn't matter what I see other people doing or saying, as long as it's not good or contributing to my life. I am not gonna do it!!!". This helped me to be who l am today. 

  • Today l am someone who is not easily influenced by people with negative thoughts.

  • Today l am someone who portrays the realest part of herself no matter what. #Originality

  • Today l am someone whose values, norms and ethics are not easily influenced, because l know my worth!! ♡♡♡

That belief l have, keeps me going no matter the challenges l face here and there. That confidence l now have on my self makes me satisfied.

☆☆NEVER Pretend to be someone you are not...

  • You are perfect as you are #younglady ,

  • you are beautiful as you are #dearsister.


☆Stay original and love yourself dear girl.

I am young lady aged 22, born in a family of 4 girls. I am someone who literally minds her business and loves interacting with people who inspire and motivate me to do well in life & having that positive mind always.

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