Girls Are Not Cursed

"Oh but you're a girl you can't take that job".
"Nah honey, you're not allowed to stay out late at night".
"You can't have short hair because you're not married yet".
"You can't take a semester abroad before you get married".
"Girls only wear red lipstick on their wedding day". 
"You're 200 kgs". 
"You are cursed".
"You are useless". 

We get to hear all these almost every passing day of our lives. Why are we spoken to like that? Well, there's no reason at all. A lame reason could be 'people's mentality' and that's very much true. We stay back due to our society.

We don't get socialised due to our family issues. And if you're the very first female to step out, it's your own family who put their judgmental claws into your dreams and goals. 

I think the most important part of a girl's life is family support. If it's not there, you're not there. You might dream big or you might be very near to your destination and only one step away, but suddenly you're crossing your limits and, oh yeah 'what will the people think'? Oh how many dreams get torn away by this single sentence. How happiness is shattered after hearing this one sentence. How all your goals are turn into taboos for no reason. 

Is it wrong to dream? Or are the dreams too big to accomplish? Neither of those options. Just the people around us who don't have the nerve to accept a girl's achievement. Guys, a girl is so precious - we know. But she's human like every other person. She thinks like us all. She has goals like everybody. She wants to become something. And that thing can only be there if she is educated.

Education is the key. Let her dream. Let her breath in the society. Let her live. Let her accomplish her goals.. Support her. Tell her that everyone is with her. And trust me, she'll become the greatest power you've ever dreamt of.

Believe in her.