Bullying and the Bad Pill

Well, a lot of us have been through this time period. It definitely feels like you should just turn back and rip off their faces. Well, you can do that too but that would be you trying to be like them.

Naah! You should be the way you are, the way your parents have raised you to be. You should be extraordinary,  you should just take that as a bad pill for your disease so that you could recover. Take that "PILL".

It's okay to take that pill and then make yourself improve where they lack and just silently show them with your actions where you stand and where they stand. That pill should be for your positivity. That pill should will bring out your best.

Try to bring out as much positivity as much possible and know that it's totally fine to have breakdowns... people have breakdowns even worse than us. We should be thankful for everything and try to move on with every pill that irritates us and bring out a better us!

...and answer them that way!

I'm a student, struggling with some social issues. I'm from Pakistan , and standing up to speak for small things that matters. I believe that some beautiful paths can not be discovered without getting lost.

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