You are Loved

You are Loved,

By the Earth upon which moulds your feet,

By the wind,

that plays longingly with your hair,

and subtly caresses your cheek,

By the rustling leaves,

that guiltily fall to their rhythmic beat

By the sun that blankets the winter sky, just to provide you with illuminated heat,

You are Loved,

For all the universe conspires to make true what you wish for,

For you are a blessing,

Oblivious to your own beauty,

That attracts the Gods of Nature,

To descend upon their nadir feet,

Yet when you feel,

As if your soul has been suppressed,

And you wish to perish,

For life has scratched you with more thorns,

Than could rip your frail body,

Pierced you with divine arrows,

Prodigious in piercing,

Life suffocating the dreams and aspirations,

Remember the winds that payed head to you,

Drowning in the depths of despair,

As nature co-operated to wipe your precious tears,

That deserved not to trickle down those mesmerising eyes,

So wipe those tears my darling,

For the universe Loves you,

The way the sun loves the Moon✨

You deprive yourself of love by placing others before you, not knowing your heavy heart holds enough live to feed the entire universe.

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